Terms of Service

This document describes the rules for processing Personal data that apply to the website  television.ee.

General terms
This  Privacy Policy applies to all information that the platform’s administration can get about the User
during his stay at the platform.
Terms of providing personal data by Users
The user provides the Company with personal data (such as their first name, last name, email address,
etc.). Participation on the platform becomes possible only after the Company receives the specified data.

Terms of use of personal data
The personal data specified by the User during registration is used as follows:
- for authentication when User access to Television.ee materials and protecting the Users personal account
from unauthorized access;
- for providing the services requested by the User of the service within the platform and improving their
- for providing opportunities to Users to interact with each other and with the platform’s administration
within the event;
- for notifying Users through electronic communications about the status of registration for the platform,
updates to the events program, as well as additional information from the Company including, but not
limited to, webinars, promotions and invitations to private events.
The platforms administration performs depersonalized statistical analysis of information about registered
Users (including demographic, geographical, educational, labor data, number of sessions, total time
spent on the site), and conducts statistical analysis of user behavior.
Restrictions of the use of personal data

No personal data is published or transmitted by the Company to any third parties, except as specified in
this document, the Agreement or with The user's Express consent.
Under certain conditions, the platform’s Administration may provide Users’ personal data to third parties.
These conditions include enforcement of the law, prevention of fraud or impending crime, or ensuring
the security of platform. The cases and conditions of providing Users personal data to third parties are
regulated by the Agreement.

Terms of security of personal data
The company takes all necessary measures to protect the confidentiality of Users’ personal data from
unauthorized access, modification, disclosure or destruction. This includes internal verification of data
recovery, storage and processing data and security measures, as well as measures to ensure the physical
security of data to prevent unauthorized access to the Companys servers and information systems
where the Company stores and processes personal data. The company provides access to personal data
only to those employees of the platform’s Administration who need this information for the operation,
development and improvement of the service. These employees are required to comply with
confidentiality rules and may be subject to penalties, including termination of employment contracts
and prosecution, if they violate these rules.

User right
The user can refuse to provide personal data under visiting the platform, in this case the registration
service will be impossible. The user can turn off cookies, but in this case not all functions and services in
the platform web interface will work correctly. The user has access to his Personal data, the ability to
correct them (if they are incorrect) and, if possible, delete them through his Personal account.

Final terms
The administration of the platform keeps the right to change the terms of service and privacy policy at any time.
The update date, specified at the beginning of the document, changes with each such change. The user
is notified of the most significant changes by posting a notification on the platform’s authorization page or
by email. Continued use of the platforms services means acceptance to this privacy Policy and all updates
of this document. If You have any additional questions regarding the use or management of your
personal data in accordance with this Privacy Policy, please contact the platform’s administration via the
website or email us at the following address support@television.ee

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